Mission Statement

AERO VOLLEYBALL CLUB’S mission is to take your game to new heights! To accomplish this goal, Aero has assembled a professional staff who have enjoyed volleyball success while learning from some of the greatest coaches in the game. As a staff, we are eager to give back by sharing our knowledge and experience with the next generation. We will provide the most current techniques and skills development to local junior volleyball athletes by giving them access to affordable and high-level training in a rigorous setting.

With the Antelope Valley as its singular focus, Aero’s priority is building success within the AV, for players in the AV. We are committed to equipping players with the knowledge and enthusiasm to compete at the highest level. It is the ambition of Aero Volleyball Club to offer unrivaled instruction that not only concentrates on the development of skills, but on sportsmanship and the value of character, while providing a fun and supportive environment for players to reach their full potential. Our players will be challenged to succeed in volleyball, but more than that, we will challenge our players to succeed in life.